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The AMEREX® Kitchen Protection (KP™) Fire Suppression System

KP is a staple in commercial kitchens around the world. To meet NFPA guidelines and ensure quality, Amerex stringently tests this product with Underwriters Laboratory to meet UL 300, Standard for Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment. KP is designed to accommodate the needs of building and restaurant owners who utilize restaurant fire suppression systems to protect their valuable property and ensure the safety of the people working in the kitchens. From fine dining to fast food chains, the Amerex Kitchen Fire Protection system has the components to meet your needs with competitive pricing while never sacrificing quality.


    • Competitive pricing and cost-effective components

    • Wet chemical agent compatible with stainless appliances

    • UL 300 Listed and NFPA Compliant
    • Appliance Specific or Zone Defense protection schemese

    • Filled, stored pressure agent cylinders

    • Designed for new installation or retrofit

    • Maximum agent discharge with fewer nozzles

    • Fewer Nozzles and Agent Cylinders Needed

    • Mechanical, pneumatic, or electric control options

    • Robust manual pull station design reduces unwanted discharges
    • Compatible with building fire alarm panels and other auxilary devices

    •  4 agent cylinder size options
  • AMEREX® offers two appliance protection schemes to meet commercial kitchen needs.

    KP – Appliance Specific

    With the AMEREX KP Appliance Specific Restaurant Fire Suppression System you get appliance-specific coverage that generally offers lower initial cost. The KP Appliance Specific System is the ideal choice in commercial kitchens where appliance location is fixed, such as in fast food chains, casual dining, cruise ships, and school cafeterias.

    KP – Zone Defense

    The AMEREX KP Zone Defense Restaurant Fire Suppression System adds greater flexibility by allowing kitchen appliances to be reconfigured without having to move system discharge nozzles. Because of the adaptability of the Zone Defense System, it is the most cost-effective choice over the life of the system. The KP-ZD System was designed with fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels, and hospitals in mind.

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