Product Description

The Amerex Strike Control Unit is the result of years of rugged mining, transit and military electronic evolution. Specifically designed to work with the Amerex Kitchen Fire Suppression System, the Strike Control Unit is able to monitor and release two completely separate hood systems, and it can be tied into auxiliary controls such as the building’s alarm system. Primary and secondary batteries provide continuous, uninterrupted fire detection and fire suppression system actuation without the need for an external power supply. Unlike traditional control mechanisms, the Strike Control Unit utilizes Linear Heat Detectors and Spot Heat Detectors that have no moving parts are fully supervised, minimizing the negative effects of grease build-up.

The Amerex Strike Control panel works with both appliance-specific or zone defense coverage and provides 24/7/365 coverage. It interfaces to Amerex UL-listed gas valve and multi-relay high-current auxiliary switching modules and features event logging and recording. Easy to install, the Strike Control Panel comes inside a stainless steel case.

Watch our video to learn more about our Kitchen Protection System.