Product Description

The Mechanical Release Module (MRM) is the heart of the Amerex Kitchen Fire Suppression System. The MRM features a spring-loaded design, using a mechanical input and electrical, mechanical, or pneumatic outputs. Specifically, the MRM assembly connects and controls the actuation cartridge, detection components, manual pull station(s), gas valve, snap-action switches, and agent cylinder discharge valve(s).

The Amerex KP MRM is capable of actuating from one to ten agent cylinder/valve assemblies using one nitrogen cylinder. The MRM has two snap-action switches - one for electrical signaling, power shutdown, and other auxiliary functions, and a second alarminitiating snap-action switch for connection to a fire alarm panel. It comes pre-installed in its own stainless-steel enclosure. This enclosure displays a system status indicator and a window to observe the nitrogen cylinder pressure.

The MRM can be used with appliance-specific or zone defense coverage.

Watch our video to learn more about our Kitchen Protection System.