Product Description

The Pneumatic Release Module (PRM) is a mechanical releasing control unit that offers superior detection by using a continuous linear pneumatic detection system instead of intermittent fusible link detectors. When the PRM detection line is exposed to a fire condition, the tubing ruptures, relieving all pressure in the tubing and accumulator, thus firing the system using a nitrogen cylinder. Some benefits of using the Amerex PRM in your Kitchen Fire Suppression System include no detection cable, no crimps, and no conduit or corner pulleys required in the detection line.

The PRM control mechanism interfaces with manual pull station(s), actuation networks, mechanical gas valves, and also offers electrical contacts for shutdown functions. The PRM can fire up to 10 agent cylinders and actuate up to two gas valves. The PRM comes complete with enclosure, accumulator, end of line fitting, and connector for up to two remote mechanical manual pull stations, two snap-action switches, and enclosure “knock-outs” for applicable connections.

The PRM can be used with appliance-specific or Zone Defense Coverage.

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